Risk Assessment and Analysis

The HWI Management Consulting team of Senior Consultants brings deep experience to the task of Risk Assessment and Analysis. Areas of risk, per the GAPP standards document adopted by the AICPA, ISACA, Chartered Accountants of Canada and The Institute of Internal Auditors, include:

  • Damage to the organization’s reputation, brand, or business relationships
  • Legal liability and industry or regulatory sanctions
  • Charges of deceptive business practices
  • Customer or employee distrust
  • Denial of consent by individuals to have their personal information used for business purposes
  • Lost business and consequential reduction in revenue and market share
  • Disruption of international business operations
  • We would add

  • Failure to profit from business opportunities
  • Stagnation or curtailment of career path
  • Diminished prosperity due to monetary impact
  • Let us discuss the risks you and your business face, create a plan to investigate and mitigate those risks and solidify your business strategy.