Our Mission

  • Provide accurate assessment of Risk and Controls
  • Draw common sense conclusions
  • Propose effective, reachable, and reasonable strategies for improvement
  • Build an effective control environment that works
  • H.W.I. Co. Management Consulting group provides the expertise to effectively address the new regulatory standards of the current business environment, domestically in the United States and globally.

    Within adherence to regulatory and industry standard guidelines, H.W.I. Co. consultants thoroughly assess our client's Information Technology environment and their Financial controls, offering an objective view of a company's internal exposure to control deficiencies and risk.

    From the assessment, we draw common sense conclusions and make recommendations for Information Technology and Financial control improvement using workable pragmatic solutions. We then contribute expertise and energy to the successful improvement effort.

    Success is measured according to improvements in controls against perceived risk. We do not fulfill our mission until the client's Information Technology and Financial control environment matches the demands of its acceptable risk exposure standard.

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